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IP Connectivity for FreeSpeak Edge

FreeSpeak Edge is a multi-channel digital wireless intercom system. With IP capable transceivers, users can leverage networking capability to create wireless coverage zones anywhere a reliable connection is available. The same connections can be used to link Dante mics, speakers, consoles and any other device that leverages the technology to the FreeSpeak Edge Base Station.

Why Choose IP Connectivity for FreeSpeak Edge?

Remote Intercom Access

Allow contributing team members to connect remotely and effortlessly to core intercom users.

Fast and Easy Deployment

Download app from the Apple iTune Store (for iOS devices) or Google Playstore (for Android devices) and be connected to the host Eclipse HX system or LQ Core Configuration Manager. Access is granted by the System Administrator.

Secure and Seamless Connections

Connect securely and confidently to multiple IP networks over 3G, 4G and WiFi with NSA (National Security Administration) approval.

Sports Arena

For smaller sports arenas used for basketball, hockey or concerts, it isn’t necessary to have a large number of system endpoints for a given production. The FreeSpeak Edge Base Station provides the versatility of employing multiple bands of wireless capability along with legacy 2 and 4-wire connections. Additionally, the base station provides connection capability to both Dante and AES67 devices through the Dante Controller. Adding 3rd party devices to the existing intercom mix makes the FreeSpeak Edge Base an incredibly flexible tool all within a 1RU box. Featured FreeSpeak Edge Products: FSE-BP50 FSE-TCVR-50 FreeSpeak Edge Base Other Featured Products: FSII-BP19 MS-702

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Larger Performance Theater

The cavernous facilities and layered decks and balconies found in Performance Art Centers and Operas create a perfect communication scenario for 十大正规体育平台’s FreeSpeak Edge system. The reflection of the audio signal off the odd angles common to these large performance facilities enables precise, low-latent audio communication throughout the center. Featured FreeSpeak Edge Products: FSE-BP50 FSE-TCVR-50-IP Other Featured Products: Eclipse HX-Delta E-IPA-HX LQ-2W2

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