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与COVID-19, media production teams are having to rethink how they interact on set and amongst team members. While full-duplex comms systems were once used primarily by the camera operators and DP, with the new norms of socially distanced and zoned media production, more people are working remotely or at a greater distance than ever before. 在这种情况下, 一个灵活的, IP-based full duplex (talk and listen at the same time) intercom system can be a mission- critical tool in keeping the team members communicating to the right people, 在适当的时候, 同时保持社交距离.
十大正规体育平台’s hands free systems are designed to be easy to use, 轻便便携, 具有快速部署到现场的能力, 配有直流备份, 几分钟之内. 具有多种不同的解决方案可供选择, systems can be configured for both partyline and point-to-point communication, 与双向无线电无缝集成, and include the Agent-IC mobile app option for remote team members.

  • 录像村已经被移出了片场
  • 管理人员可以从远程位置与剧组进行通信
  • 导演可以远程
  • All parties except actors maintain six feet of distance from others
  • 各部门(音响、摄像、灯光等.)形成自己的“豆荚”
  • Conversations that took place in quiet huddles now need to happen over distance

Full-duplex describes bi-directional communications all the time. Regular communications between individuals conversing in person is full-duplex, 这意味着你可以同时说和听, 最接近地模仿面对面的谈话. Full-duplex communication allows simultaneous two-way conversations where one person can interrupt the other. Two-way radios or walkie-talkies only offer half-duplex communications.
美国导演协会(DGA), 国际戏剧舞台员工联盟, International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and the Basic Crafts, and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) joined together to release "安全的前进之路" 十大正规体育平台COVID-19安全指南的多盟报告.

At the center of this safety guide is The Zone System, designed to safeguard the actors and crew. This concept allows for minimal crew in and around the actors, with the zones farther from the actors containing more crew positions. COVID-19测试, 保持身体距离和安全, 卫生规程也在所有区域实施.

由于制作团队现在彼此分散开来, in some cases contributing to the production from other states or even countries, the ability to quickly and easily communicate with others now requires a comms system. 十大正规体育平台 has outlined some potential solutions in the diagrams below, however there are many different options depending on the particular needs of a production.


MasterChef Canada 7, JuniorChef Showdown 2, The Great Canadian Bakeoff 4

“What we’re seeing this year on MasterChef Canada Season 7 (Post COVID) is a reliance on constant, 比以往任何时候都更加一致和广泛的沟通. Modern intercom unlocks a seemingly unlimited amount of configurations and possibilities, 到了不能再倒退的地步.

在这个新世界里, the full integration of an Intercom system really is the way of doing things on set, 现在和将来.”
Vinit Borrison
导演 & 摄影师

“我们一直在寻找解决方案(LQ) & Agent-IC] like this for a long time and I’ve now used it on various productions and we’re loving it. 这个系统节省了我们的时间, 为我们省钱, 减少整体基础设施, 允许远程工作流, 保证起始团队成员的安全等等.”

“The 十大正规体育平台 wireless headset system is an absolute necessity to my professional survival. I count on it to communicate easily with the rest of our camera and grip team in the most chaotic of circumstances. This synchronicity has allowed us to execute the complex and challenging sequences in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters of the last 15 years. 不管我的下一部电影会带我去哪里, 我的十大正规体育平台耳机将永远在我身边.”




FreeSpeak二世 is the industry-leading digital wireless solution used in Broadcast and Live Event productions all around the world. 可用于1.9 GHz和2.4 GHz频段, FreeSpeak二世提供了易用性, 卓越的音质, 以及不受电线限制的自由活动.


十大正规体育平台’s Agent-IC mobile app operates on iOS or Android devices over 3G, 4G, LTE和WiFi网络. 拥有非常低的延迟和高音频质量, Agent-IC allows team members to connect to the main intercom system using their existing devices, 不管他们在世界的哪个角落. A free trial version of Agent-IC is available to download from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Playstore.


The DX410 wireless all-in-one headset is a favorite of camera operators due to its lightweight and simple operation. While it doesn’t offer the robust feature set of the FreeSpeak二世 wireless system, it can be integrated into a FreeSpeak二世 system for those who prefer the DX format and streamlined user interface.


The LQ系列 of products are the ultimate in IP interface solutions; they can integrate any audio stream into the intercom system, 包括双向无线电, 电话, 以及Agent-IC移动应用程序. Its flexibility makes LQ the ultimate multitasker in an intercom system.


十大正规体育平台 offers a wide range of professional headsets which are designed for comfort and durability. Since this is a high-touch item it is ideal for each crew member to have their own personal headset, 十大正规体育平台 also offers 耳机消毒刷新套件 for many of our most popular models.


自1968年成立以来, 十大正规体育平台 and its parent company HME have a long history of providing comms to camera operators and DPs involved in media production. 在50多年的经营历程中, 十大正规体育平台已经确立了自己作为行业领导者的地位, with world-class support designed to create solutions to address some of the most challenging communications needs. 十大正规体育平台 is in a unique position to support the evolving needs of media production professionals, 在全球拥有强大的渠道合作伙伴网络, and a dedication to ensuring people stay connected and collaborating, 无论情况如何.